Nyhetsbruk og "doomscrolling" forklart

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Nordmenns nyhetsvaner under pandemien og det nye tidsfordrivet doomscrolling.


25. November.

Time: 08:30 - 09:30


Organized by UIB.

Why do we keep checking our smartphones all the time? How do we relate to news that are scary or emotionally draining? What happens when we are overwhelmed by too much information? 

In 2020, the catchphrase “doomscrolling” appeared to describe experiences of constantly updating for pandemic news. The global COVID-19 outbreak is a massive 24/7 news story across journalism and social media, and a situation that affects all of us in our everyday lives. But other major news topics are also scary and unsettling, from the polarization and political turmoil of US politics, to the glooming threats of climate change. News users look for information and confirmation of what goes on in the world, but also feel the need to disconnect and shield themselves. 



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