Tech Talks: An Impractical Guide to Git

Welcome to Tech Talks in the Media Lab. On Friday August 17, you will get an "impractical guide to git". Talk by Helge Holm.


17. August.

Time: 10:00 - 11:00


☆.。.:* An Impractical Guide to Git .。.:*☆

Git has an elegantly layered data model that isn't normally covered in "how to git" guides, because nobody wants to learn this stuff. It's like the school algebra that you don't see the point of until after you've made use of it a few times.

Sometimes you feel like you should be able to do something in a better way, but don't really know if it's something that's possible theoretically. Or if you suspect it is, whether it's the bisect, track-branch, transmogrify, gronk, rebase, or interactive rebase commands that are closest to what you need.

The session will be in English, and you are encouraged to interrupt at any time with relevant questions.

Not covering:
- How do I install or set up git?
- How do I do [hg or SVN action] in git?
- Which commands do I need to know in order to do my work?
- Anything immediately useful.

- What is even a repository?
- How is git modelling development history of a project?
- How is git doing *distributed* version control? Why is the server called a "remote"?
- What is the relationship between commits, tags, and branches?
- What lurks in the .git folder?


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