Tech Talks in the Media Lab

Join Friday's Tech Talk in the Media Lab: HOW NOT TO SCREW UP?


29. March.

Time: 10:00 - 11:30


Organized by: TV 2 & Vizrt


We make hundreds of decisions every day. Some are easy, others are tough. The choice we make has dramatic impact on costs, time, relationships and so many factors; you name it. Thus, making a good decision is extremely important. 

In this talk you will get to know how to make better decisions. This was originally presented as a lightning talk at the Booster conference, 2019. However, decision making itself has a much wider scope. I will dive a little deeper this time. This talk is for you, if you have screwed up with a deadline, or a project or just found yourself dealing with an unhappy customer, or if you noticed a pattern that you want to break, or this is also a very much relevant talk if you want to sustain a good team culture. I will walk you through a path showing why we fall in to the trap repeatedly and how we can manage our products better.

Presenter: Lubaba Tanisha

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Media City Bergen Media Lab
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