Visual Futures of the Media 2021


How could visual realities impact our future? How can we deal with satellite surveillance and political disinformation?


19. January.

Time: 12:00 - 15:30


Organized by ViSmedia & NCE Media

Welcome to Visual Futures of the Media January 19, 2021! We invite you to experience risks and opportunities of emerging visual technologies in the news media. The conference will provide future scenarios on satellites and climate surveillance from above, and on virtual reality and experimental student learning. New ways for expert tool makers to mitigate deepfakes and related challenges will be envisioned as well.

The scenarios are based on comprehensive new research and will be framed by visual student experiments. Each session is followed by a short interactive panel discussion with leading researchers and media professionals.

The panels will be moderated by the editor of Hilde Sandvik. Conference host is professor Øyvind Vågnes, and the conference is facilitated by NCEMedia and the ViSmedia Project, Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen.

The event is funded by the Research Council of Norway and is carried out in accordance with the framework for responsible research and innovation (RRI) under the research program SAMANSVAR.

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ViSmedia & NCE Media