NCE Media

The Norwegian Media Cluster has been awarded a Centre of Expertise status from Innovation Norway, and has its own cluster organization, NCE Media (Norwegian Center of Expertise in Media).

Upcoming activities in the Media Cluster

We are ramping up for a busy year in the Media Cluster. In the weeks and months to come, our members can engage in workshops, seminars, innovation collabs, and study tours. Also, Future Week is back in June with MCB Tech, MCB Hack - and a brand new conference: MCB Fact.


Launching new conference against disinformation

The spread of an increasing amount of disinformation and conspiracy theories online is becoming a significant problem. In the Norwegian Media Cluster, the members work together to develop competence and technology that can reduce the negative consequences and, at the same time, strengthen a sustainable democracy. – One of the most critical missions of our time, says the Media Cluster's CEO, Anne Jacobsen.

Lanserer ny konferanse mot desinformasjon

Spredningen av en økende mengde desinformasjon og konspirasjonsteorier er i ferd med å bli et betydelig samfunnsproblem. I medieklyngen jobber aktørene sammen for å utvikle kompetanse og teknologi som kan bremse denne utviklingen, og samtidig fremme et bærekraftig demokrati. – En av vår tids viktigste oppgaver, sier medieklyngens leder, Anne Jacobsen.

AI Learn: Enable business model innovation with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) radically transforms how companies create, deliver, and capture value. Norwegian Cognitive Center invites to a half-day conference on how to jump on the AI-train with full steam ahead.

Datajournalistikknettverket: R – Halvbra koding for halvstuderte røvere

Årets første møte i Datajournalistikknettverket.

Members in the Norwegian Media Cluster

The Norwegian Media Cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment, with more than 100 companies and six major universities and research facilities among its members.

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