Published 11.08.2017

A peek inside Media City Bergen™

The first tenants of Media City Bergen™ have now started moving into the premises. Even though the first few weeks will be a bit chaotic, some companies are already fully operated in the new landmark building in Lars Hilles Gate.

There is already a flurry of activity in Media City Bergen™, and we had a chat with three tenants in various stages of the relocation process.   

Up and running after two days
Following a rigid and laboriously planned process, Bemanningsbyraaet was one of the first companies open for business in Media City Bergen™, merely two days after the keys were handed over. Bemanningsbyraaet delivers recruitment services and temporary staffing to both the media industry and to the general market.

– The relocation process was very effective, and we’ve had a smooth transition. We’ve already held meetings with recruitment candidates, CEO and partner Mona Sletten said.

From left: Mona Lavik Sletten, Jon-Frode Bosåsen and Eva Marie Strand (All Bemanningsbyraaet)

Sletten and Co. are already cooperating with several other media companies in the building.

– It is exciting to be a part of Media City Bergen and we believe being associated with this brand will give us plenty of good exposure. We have a close connection to other companies in the media cluster, and are looking forward to further reinforce our cooperation with them in the future, she said.

«New York», one of Bemanningsbyraaets meeting rooms.  

Start of the semester
The University of Bergen (UiB) began the moving process last week and is currently preparing to welcome 220 of the first ever Media City Bergen™ students. UiB will hold a key position in the building, and has developed six new professional oriented study programmes on bachelor and master levels in journalism, television production and interaction design for media.

The University logo as seen from the second floor. 

UiBs operation stretches over three floors in Media City Bergen™. On the third floor you’ll find the Learning and Communication Lab, facilitated by DigUiB. Through extensive collaboration and multidisciplinary expertise in pedagogy and technology, this lab aims to be a driving force in the development of digital education and dissemination at the University of Bergen, according to UiB.

– The main task is to help the academic communities with their communication, so that they can easily reach their students, Kjell Øvre Helland said. He’s the administrative lead of the lab.

Kjell Øvre Helland (right) will lead UiBs Learning and Communication Lab.

– We’ve got high end equipment for both TV and audio production, as well as top modern facilities to accommodate research and development, projects and cooperation with the media companies in the building, he said.

UiB have a number of studios available for both students and employees. Here, Chief Engineer Terje Thue shows us the largest studio, situated at the second floor. 

The students will for the most part occupy the first and second floors. They’ll have state-of-the-art facilities, including two Mac labs, several editing suites and studios for production of both video and sound at their disposal. There is also lecture rooms, an editorial desk, showrooms and a room suited for workshops.

One of two Mac labs at the second floor. 

Chief Engineer Terje Thue is responsible for the equipment and facilities at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies.      

– The new programmes are of a practical nature, and I believe everything is set for the students to succeed here at Media City Bergen, he said.


Desks with a view. 

NRK raring to go
NRK, The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, will not be fully operational until the October 16, but we were allowed in for a quick tour of the office. NRK will occupy two floors with top of the line equipment and new and efficient tools for broadcasting over IP, as well as studios situated in plain sight from both the atrium and Lars Hilles Gate. Executive editor Dag Olav Mosevoll is delighted with the new office space.

– We are very satisfied with the location. We have a nice view of the street outside, as well as the atrium just below. It will also be possible for visitors to peek in and have a glance at the activity inside, Mosevoll said.

Broadcasting studio for radio, with a view over Lars Hilles Gate. 

Director's room​ in the making. 

What do you think it will be like to be a part of Media City Bergen?

– It’s going to be fantastic! There’s still a lot of work to be done, of course, and it may take some time getting used to a brand new office space - but we’re looking forward to move in and can’t wait to get started, Mosevoll said.

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