Published 11.03.2020
The Media Lab holds a wide range of technical platforms and resources for all kinds of purposes, available to our members.


In addition to being a great space available to our members, The Media Lab also functions as a showroom for the newest technology and latest innovations from the Media Cluster. Here we can showcase technology and solutions across companies, also for those who are not located in MCB and international partners. Feel free to get in touch if you wish to make your technologies or demos available in the Media Lab.

The lab holds technical platforms and resources available to members; A wide range of different tech for all kind of purposes, as well as open data and APIs from cluster companies and international tech partners that students, startups, researchers, teams and project developers can use as their sandbox. 

Find the complete list of equipment and their location in the lab, along with instruction for use, below.


Infection Prevention Measures

When visiting our premises and using our equipment it is necessary that you: 

  • In addition to usual hygiene related to eating, toilet visits etc. wash or sanitize your hands:
    • When entering the Media Lab 
    • Before you touch any equipment (VR headset, remote control, screens etc.)
    • Before you use whiteboard markers and other supplies
  • Make sure to sanitize table surfaces and chair handles after use. 

Headsets and masks

HTC Vive Pro - VR Headset

VR headset is a head-mounted device that provides virtual reality for wearer. VR headset are widely used with video games but they are also used in other applications, including simulators and trainers. 

The VR headset is located along with the computer on the right to the giant screen in the workshop.

How to use VR headset:

  1. Input computer password (located on the screen)
  2. Start "VIVE Wireless" app on the computer 
  3. Start "Steam VR" app on the computer
  4. Turn on the VR headset by connecting the powerbank and pushing the power button
  5. Turn on the VR controller by pushing the button on top of the controller. Make sure the headset is in view of base station.
  6. Choose VR app on the computer

Moviemask is a 2D augmented reality mask that you can use as your personal cinema by watching content from any mobile app. It merges virtual information with physical information in a user's view field. 

The Moviemask headset is located on the desk next to the green screen in the workshop.

How to use Moviemask:

  1. Start a video on your smartphone and put it in the front compartment of the moviemask
  2. Enjoy your video
        MagiMask - AR Headset

        MagiMask, from Media Cluster Member Ludenso, is an immersive, high resolution Augmented Reality headset for your smartphone. Including physical trackers that lets you interact with the digital world in new ways. 

        The Moviemask headset is located on the desk next to the green screen in the workshop.

        How to use MagiMask:

        1. Unlock the corresponding smartphone (Password located on the plaque next to the MagiMask)
        2. Go to the MagiMask folder
        3. Launch the selected video or app on the phone
        4. Close the MagiMask - Enjoy!

        MagiDice and MagiTile apps

        • MagiFlags
        • Magiworld




        Workshop Screen


        Showroom Screen

        The 98" UltraHD screen in the showroom facilitates for high resolution presentations. The lounging area and space in front of the screen 

        The Showroom is located right next to the left entrance to the Media Lab.
        The following instructions are also displayed on the showroom screensaver.

        How to connect to screen:

        1. Select source on the panel to the left of the screen
        2. Connect cable: HDMI (to the right of the screen)
          Connect wireless: AirPlay, ChromeCast or MS Display Adapter
        3. Find wifi password on the screensaver 


        1. Turn on: hold button 3 sec
        2. Mute: push button


        1. Adjust the volume on the panel to the left
        Samsung Interactive Screen
        The Samsung screens interactive display feature an interactive touch screen that along with a 4K resolution facilitates presentations, decision-making and collaboration. The responsive touchscreen capabilities allows for an immersive multimedia experience for powerful collaboration.
        The screen in located in the Media Lab workshop and is mounted on a moveable stand that allows you to place it where it suits your needs.

        Production Equipment

        Green Screen Studio

        Video shoots in our green screen studio can be a game changer for your video footage. By adding visuals or persons in front of the green screen allows you to easily remove the background digitally and replace it in post-production.

        The green screen studio is located in the right corner of the workshop.

        Streaming Equipment

        IBM Watson