Infection Control Measures & Guidelines

Published 10.12.2020
All visitors in the Media Lab will need to align to our Infection Prevention Measures and Guidelines.

The Media Cluster takes all necessary measures to prevent spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The Media Lab will be closed until further notice, but when the circumstances allow for it the Media Lab can still be booked for meetings, workshops and video productions, as well as smaller or online events. 

When visiting our premises it is requested that you align to the following infection control measures and guidelines, in addition to the national and regional guidelines. 

  • In addition to usual hygiene related to eating, toilet visits etc. wash or sanitize your hands:
    • When entering the Media Lab 
    • Before you touch any equipment (coffee machine, remote control, screens etc.)
    • Before you use whiteboard markers and other supplies
  • Make sure to sanitize table surfaces and chair handles after use
  • Make sure you primarily stay in the general area you are using/renting/visiting, for example a meeting room.


  • The Media Lab is professionally cleaned and sanitized after any meetings, workshops, video productions and events. If you are using the Media Lab for any such happenings you will be required to cover these cleaning expenses.
  • The staff of the Media Cluster will take attendance at any event in the Media Lab. 
  • Both entrances to the Media Lab are equipped with hand sanitizer.
  • All meeting rooms are equipped with sanitizing equipment.