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Published 11.09.2020
With the physical IBC expo being cancelled this year, our member companies have scheduled a lot of webinars and activities this fall.

Get an overview of the cluster members' product launches, webinars, and other activities here. 

Upcoming activities:


7 Mountains, Mjoll, Mediability

Upcoming webinars:

Previous webinars:


  • DiNA by 7 Mountains – Collaborative storytelling in the cloud
    DiNA is a cloud newsroom solution built for journalists and storytellers. DiNA is built from the ground up using modern cloud based-technology and with the end user in mind. 

  • Mimir by Mjoll
    Mimir is an easy-to-use tool for video content creators which automates metadata logging using integrated AI services and at the same time archives your media to the cloud. 



  • HaiTide European Webinar with SRT Alliance and GlobalM
    Executives from the SRT Alliance and member company GlobalM will present and you’ll learn about how Haivision's SRT technology was implemented in Le Tour des Stations, European Film Awards and other exciting projects!
    Wednesday, September 16, 15.00 CET

  • SRT Tuesday Webinar Series – Featuring GlobalM
    SRT Tuesday is a series of virtual events hosted by the SRT Alliance featuring the latest innovations using the SRT open source protocol. Attend and learn how you can leverage SRT for today’s challenges of streaming low latency, high quality video over unpredictable internet connections.

    Tune in on October 6 to discover how GlobalM is powering remote workflows, sports contribution and mobile journalism using SRT and smartphones, together with the GlobalM network.

    Tuesday, October 6, 15.00 CET. Watch recording here.

Services and products:

  • GlobalM App
    GlobalM provides a solution for crowdsourcing news / sports content, and specializes in advanced streaming technologies for Sports, News, Business, Culture and Entertainment.

Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks is part of the IBC Digital Showcase. Check out their content hub to learn more about their new launch of EdgeFunctions, demo videos, informative white papers and webinars full of insights and industry trends.  


Services and products:



“Connect with the Architects” is a series of digital initiatives designed to enable you to find out, remotely, how Nevion, the Architects of Virtualized media production, can help you revolutionize your workflows.

Services and products:

  • Nevion VideoIPath
    Check out Nevion's new updated VideoIPath video animation. So many capabilities have been added since the previous video was made! 


Empowering business decisions to safeguard the future. Delivering weather intelligence and advanced analytics amid a changing climate, scalable to your needs.




  • From pay TV to cloud TV
    Tuesday, November 17, 1:45 PM CET

  • Vimond powers Venn
    Take a closer look at Vimonds case study with VENN that lays out how using Vimonds latest cloud-native video content management technology allows them to stand out in their marketplace.


  • Orchestrator
    A Powerful video engine running under our hood. It lets you manage the flow of your videos from ingestion, via transcoding and DRM encryption, to playout.

  • Content Delivery
    End-user APIs that scales with your needs.

  • Content Manager
    Organize, enrich, and control the publishing of your entire content library.

  • Content Curator
    Lets you feature your assets in beautiful carousels, panels, and lists, creating and engaging experiences across your portals and devices.


Vizrt has kicked off their Viz Virtual Summit on their new digital platform, VizrTV. Starting on September 1st on VizrTV, our live and on-demand virtual shows will showcase the very best in broadcast solutions and the world’s most successful software-defined visual storytelling tools, created by Vizrt. 

Upcoming activities:


  • 2020 US Election Coverage
    Follow Vizrt live on the US election night to find out how broadcasters are bringing the predictions, updates and results of U.S. election to billions of viewers globally.


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