Published 01.09.2021
Get to know the speakers of mcb tech .22. More speakers to be announced!



Managing innovation processes and your core business at the same time is hard. Deciding to invite Tendayi Viki to educate us on this topic for mcb tech was an easy choice. 

Viki is an award-winning author and an expert on how to innovate within large corporations. In his books “The Corporate Startup” and “Pirates in the Navy”, he outlines core principles and practices that established companies can use to build their innovation ecosystems. Listening to Tendayi will help you understand how companies can innovate like startups, without having to act like startups. 

So leave your corporate suit and tie at home, and put on your favorite cap and hoodie. Tendayi is coming to town, and he brought sticky notes.

Ever feel overwhelmed by the ever-changing tech landscape, trying to figure out what matters and how it affects you and your company? Imagine if someone could break it down and give you the key takeaways from the tech scene … Well, your prayers have been answered, by none other than Ben Evans!

Evans is an internationally renowned expert on emerging trends who has spent 20 years analyzing mobile, media, and technology, and has worked in equity research, strategy, consulting, and venture capital. These days he’s an independent analyst, which for the most part means trying to work out what questions to ask.

What matters in tech? What’s going on, what might it mean, and what will happen next? After attending mcb tech you might find some answers, and perhaps some new questions too?

How will we communicate and interact in 2030? It might look quite different from today, and according to Sofie Hvitved, knowledge about the “metaverse” is a must. 

Sofie Hvitved is a futurist and special advisor in Media & Technology at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and is here to blow our minds on how the metaverse can shape our future ways that closer resembles sci-fi than real life.  

Is it all a hype or is it the biggest innovation since the internet? Does it signal a brighter tomorrow for you and me, or a dystopian future resembling the dark sci-fi novels of the 90s? Join us and decide for yourself! 


Think all economists are dull and uninspiring? Think again! Tim Harford is a rare but living proof that economics can be exciting, beautiful, and creative (not the illegal kind). 

Being an economist, a journalist, and a broadcaster, Tim knows how to captivate an audience and tell great stories. In one of his books, “The undercover economist”, he explains in non-technical and familiar terms how Starbucks and other coffee providers price their products, why it is hard to buy a decent used car, why the health insurance system in the United States is failing, and why poor countries remain poor while China has continuously grown rich in the last couple of decades.

Witness the power of economics come to life, and join us for an unforgettable talk with Tim Harford at mcb tech.22.


Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being deployed in all industries to provide us with better, and more tailored services. It is a powerful tool, both in the right and wrong hands, and it can change the world in subtle ways.

 Agnes Stenbom is highly recognized as a dedicated and knowledgeable spokesperson for responsible use of data and AI in news, media and advertisement. Combining her love of journalism with her passion for technology, Agnes Stenborn is dedicated to finding new ways to leverage the best of both worlds.

She sees a clear path to using technology, particularly AI, to make a greater impact in journalism. Apart from her research engagement, Stenbom leads the work with Responsible AI at the largest media group in the Nordics, Schibsted.

More speakers to be announced