Published 16.08.2017

We've got a million for you

Seen it before? For the fourth consecutive year, NCE Media is awarded an additional million from Innovation Norway. The funds from «Innovasjonsrammen» will be used for innovation projects in the cluster. The hunt for the best ideas starts now.

In fierce competition with a large number of other Arena, NCE, and GCE clusters throughout the country, NCE Media is yet again, by showing good results in the cluster, awarded an extra million NOK from Innovation Norway

This means that we can give start-up assistance to some selected, good projects, and be able to stimulate and enhance innovation through several joint projects between companies, research facilities and/or R&D institutions.

Chairman of NCE Media, Haavard Myklebust, is pleased that the cluster organization for the fourth consecutive year is awarded these extra funds from Innovation Norway.

– This means that the previous projects were well managed, and that we yet again can boost innovation. The media cluster companies operate in a highly competitive market, and the need for speed and rapid innovation is key. Such extra funds is a useful and precise tool for the media cluster to stimulate the best ideas.

Previous projects like Ease Live from Sixty, Electric Friends’ Robotic Trollies, InRange from ScanReach and Vimond IO are all realized with initial help from this tool.

There are two types of projects/categories that can be supported by these funds:

Feasibility study: Evaluation and analysis of the potential of a project, which aims at supporting the process of decision making by objectively and rationally uncovering its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as identifying the resources required to carry it through, and ulti­mately its prospects for success. You can apply for NOK 100.000.

Pre-projects : Project development in new areas resulting in disruptive innovation. These funds are for prototyping or preparation for market readiness in more mature ideas, and already feasible projects. For example, two companies can combine their core business into a new product or system. An important part of the conceptualization process is to verify whether the technology can be developed in line with the goal, as well as to develop a good business model. You can apply for 200.000 NOK.

Also – the projects needs to be a collaboration project between two or more players, and at least one of the companies needs to be a NCE Media member.

This type of funding can as a rule of thumb be maximum 50% of your total budget (with some exceptions for large corporations and research projects).

Read more on the details and find the application form here (in Norwegian): or contact our project developer Rune Smistad,, for more information.

Application deadline:
Friday, september 8.